What is WannaCry ?

In the recent Cyberattack by hackers using WannaCry Ransomware hits nearly 150 countries worldwide.

What is WannaCry?

WannaCry is a malware which is developed by group of hackers to attack the computer systems.

What do WannaCry do to your Computer?

WannaCry Ransomware enters in your system from internet and LAN network. WannaCry locks down all the files in your system. It encrypts all the files in  system and you cannot access it.

Why Hackers doing this?

WannaCry then demands you money to decrypt the files in your system.

Right now the hackers are demanding 300 US dollars in Bitcoin currency.

How I can Save my computer system from WannaCry?

You should update your system to latest windows update. As Microsoft has already realesed the recent updates for Windows. After installing the latest security patch for windows your system will be safe from WannaCry.

I Have Antivirus , Still should I worry about WannaCry?

I strongly recommend you to update your windows to the earliest.

WannaCry is bypssing the Antivirus installed in the system and their is jo amy other option right now to Decrypt the files.

I have a Mac, Should I worry?

No, WannaCry is currently targeting only Systems with Microsoft windows OS. If you are using mac send a Thanks note to Apple !

If you have any further questions feel free to ask me.


4 thoughts on “What is WannaCry ?

  1. Subodh, I am really thankful to you. The information is precise and in lucid manner that non technical person can understand this. it is very hard to present anything in simplest manner. Thank you.
    My questions : Is it targeting windows mobile also?


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