Whatsapp mobile payments launched on both iOS and Android in India

The world’s biggest instant texting app is all set to launch it’s payment feature in India. You will be soon able to pay via UPI while texting your friends on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp will be using UPI system to make transaction. With this feature as of now you will not be able to pay to the person who is not in your contact list, So if you want to pay to a merchant, you will have to wait a little more.

I personally believe that with more than a billion users worldwide and large number of active users in India, this feature will be a milestone and game-changer for Facebook owned app WhatsApp.

With PayTm leading the Indian online payment space & newbie Google’s Tez, with WhatsApp things gonna be more interesting in future.

How to get WhatsApp Payment features on your mobile?

As of now just by updating your app from you will not be able to get the feature.

You will need someone to text you who already have this feature. After that you can relaunch the app and add your bank account via UPI in payments section on app.

Once you verify your mobile number, you will be able to make transactions via WhatsApp!

My thoughts on this feature are let’s keep the finger’s crossed and wait for the best. I strongly believe, WhatsApp never disappoints.

The biggest advantage WhatsApp have is that it already have a billion users and don’t have to spend much efforts in making user to download app like others. The ease of doing something on WhatsApp and it’s simplicity gives it edge over other market players.

No wonder if in future you will be buying items online or offline with pay via WhatsApp feature.

Also by security concern, WhatsApp already uses end to end encryption for messages, I am sure it will apply to Payments also.

Happy WhatsApping!





Why comparing vehicles through trusted online sources helps one make smarter car-purchasing decisions



For most of us buying a car is never an easy decision to make.  Tons of information about new and used vehicles is available online on different automobile portals.  It’s very important to compare your decision from online trusted resources. These are some reasons why you should always compare before making any buying decision of new vehicle.

You get to know the available choices

Online sources help you to find a right match in your budget.You can choose the car according to your needs and features in your budget. By comparing the different cars you can ease up things.

Whether it’s buying a brand new car or used one by comparing you get to know what’s in there in the market for you.

Your Budget and Spendings

Budget is a prime factor while buying, online resources provides approximate cost and add on to cost of the vehicle you are willing to buy.  It supports you to plan your budget accordingly without leaving your pocket penniless.

Saves Money and Time

By comparing the lowest and highest prices of the different cars you can save big on your spendings. Price quotes for your desired car can be easily obtained from the portal once you finalise it.


Compare features and your needs

Most of the cars today comes with latest features offering different technology in them. You can check all the features and decide which one you want to go with and how much you want to spend on it.

Get some good deals and avoid lemons

Online resources provide best prices and help you avoid lemons. You can get the best deals without wasting time in negotiations with the dealer.

Reviews and owner feedbacks

Most of the people prefer to read reviews from existing car owners and experts.From reviews, you get a clear idea about the car, its maintenance cost, oil and tune up.

Best Insurance and Finance rates

With the new four wheels, additional cost of insurance will come along. Insurance is mandatory by law in most of the states, online resources can get you fair deal with insurance.

If You need finance on the car you can quickly calculate it with car price calculator. For example: Your Monthly Payment for 6 Years at an Interest Rate of 7.5% for a Loan Amount of $25,000 is $432.25 a Month. So if you spending$200 on monthly gas your total expenses on the car per month will be $632.25.

Upcoming cars launch in your Budget

There may be new car launch you are not aware of in your budget, You can get the update about the latest car launch. It may be worth to wait for few days and get peace of mind after.


Drive with reason this holiday season!


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A Techie at HCL. Writes about travel and latest technology trends,Loves everything that have wheels. You will often find him staring shamelessly at every supercar passing by!


PayTm Payments Bank- Next Big Thing

PayTm is always a first choice of Indians when making digital payments. One of the reasons I found PayTm earned this reputation by it’s transparent and ethical business. My personal experience with PayTm is it always delivers what it promises, Weather it’s Cashback, offers or transferring money to your Bank account. PayTm never promises you a false cash back like other players.

One97 Communications, the parent company of India’s biggest digital payments player Paytm, will be transferring the wallet business to the Paytm Payments Bank Ltd on 23 May 2017.The Vijay Shekhar Sharma–founded company PayTm declared that it will start it’s operations as a payment bank from 23 May.

Here are the 5 things you should know about PayTm Payment Bank:

1.What will Happen to my PayTm Wallet?

Your PayTm wallet and money will be automatically transferred to PayTm payment Bank account.

2.What is the Process for transferring my wallet to PayTm Bank?

PayTm will automatically transfer your wallet account to PayTm payment Bank account as wallet will be a part of PayTm Payment Bank now.  You don’t have to do anything for transferring your wallet to Payment Bank account.

3. Will I have to download new App?

No the current PayTm app you are using can be used as PayTm payment bank account to do digital Payments and transactions. You will be able to Pay directly from your PayTm bank account from the App.

4. What is limit and Interest?

The current limit of Payment Bank according to RBI guidelines is 1 Lakh rupees and as your wallet will be the Bank account you will get interest on your money in the account.

5.How should I pay form my PayTm payment Bank account?

You will be able to pay from your PayTm bank account directly the same way you was paying form the wallet

Renu Satti will be the new CEO for the PayTm payment Bank.

I wish PayTm a great success ahead in digital payments!

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Subodh Thackeray

Writes about travel and latest technology trends,Loves everything that have  wheels. You will often find him staring shamelessly at every supercar passing by!

What is WannaCry ?

In the recent Cyberattack by hackers using WannaCry Ransomware hits nearly 150 countries worldwide.

What is WannaCry?

WannaCry is a malware which is developed by group of hackers to attack the computer systems.

What do WannaCry do to your Computer?

WannaCry Ransomware enters in your system from internet and LAN network. WannaCry locks down all the files in your system. It encrypts all the files in  system and you cannot access it.

Why Hackers doing this?

WannaCry then demands you money to decrypt the files in your system.

Right now the hackers are demanding 300 US dollars in Bitcoin currency.

How I can Save my computer system from WannaCry?

You should update your system to latest windows update. As Microsoft has already realesed the recent updates for Windows. After installing the latest security patch for windows your system will be safe from WannaCry.

I Have Antivirus , Still should I worry about WannaCry?

I strongly recommend you to update your windows to the earliest.

WannaCry is bypssing the Antivirus installed in the system and their is jo amy other option right now to Decrypt the files.

I have a Mac, Should I worry?

No, WannaCry is currently targeting only Systems with Microsoft windows OS. If you are using mac send a Thanks note to Apple !

If you have any further questions feel free to ask me.

How digital transformation is changing the way we travel


Search and with just one click you can book a flight from one part of the world to another. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure.

The way we travel now is completely different from the past. From paperless boarding pass to e-ticket, everything is digital now.

Faster and Smarter

A decade ago, planning a trip was usually done in the library and with the help of guidebooks. Booking a flight was never so easy. Rounds of travel agent’s office was a must. All bookings of flights and hotels were made by a travel agent. However,from the decade, technology has evolved majorly doing a complete makeover of the travel industry.

Smartphone Travel

Smartphone plays a major role in the digital transformation in the travel industry. With speed of internet increasing day by day, more people are booking tickets online. According to Google an average user spends 55 minutes on the internet before booking flight tickets. So online presence is the key in today’s travel business with at par technology and a great user interface. Whether it’s booking a car rental, hotel for the stay or a flight ticket everything can be done with the smartphone. Most of the travel plans are charted out through smartphone these days. Faster Wi-Fi at airports and Wi-Fi in the air created need for themselves in the people’s life.

The digital currency

Cashless transactions are increasing rapidly as governments are also encouraging the use of digital payment modes. No need to exchange the currency and carry different cash while travelling to different countries. The debit and credit cards are the new digital currency.

The transformation is making the travel industry swift and hassle free without a doubt.

Travel is becoming more social

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with travel review sites, transformed the way travelers research, interact, and recommend destinations to other social media users, friends and family. Social media helps people preserve and re-collect moments of the past with the help of online content apart from updating friends and family from our recent stints. Travel companies have a powerful tool of social media and user-generated content as a way of interacting with customers and creating relationships that endure after the trip.



Social media, review sites, and other user-based content are transforming the way companies used to create, manage, and provide products and services to the travelers.

DIY -Do it yourself travel

With the power of the internet, a user is able to do almost all the things on their own without others help or interaction. From booking to check-Ins everything can be done digitally without paper on the smartphone. This helps to save a lot of time and long queues at airports.

The power of sharing

Got an extra seat in the car or a room in your house? Airbnb and Uber is there to earn some extra money. These companies are allowing a traveler to save some money on their travel and stay.


Reviews and recommendations are the key factors for a user to decide. A good review and rating generates a lot of leads. Digital transformations with the use of big data services can be personalized to each user as the individual.

Looking at travel industry aesthetically landscaped by digital transformations the day looks not very far when cloud passport, virtual travel, and virtual reality agents will be reality. Today’s digital technology has changed the travel industry so much that you can make a plan on the last minute or can turn up at your destinations without any plans at all and let the technology do the rest. This is the power of digital transformation in the travel industry.

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-Subodh Thackeray

Writes about travel and latest technology trends,Loves everything that have  wheels. You will often find him staring shamelessly at every supercar passing by!


Big Data Analytics in Renewable Energy


In the present age of renewable energy solar and wind are the main pillars of generation of energy. The power of renewable energy is yet to be explored to the fullest and unleashed.

Big Data and Analytics

With the help of big data and analytics, the power of renewable energy can be used more efficiently and correctly. In today’s era of big data, there is a need for designing new tools that stores and process data. Also, predictions can be made accurate by using this data.

By analysis of this data with the help of developed tools, the future of renewable energy can be designed. Big data play a crucial role and provides an accurate solution to the renewable energy generation systems.

Energy system integrations can be done with data and analytics solutions leading to models and methods of planning and expansions of units. A data collected can be used for better efficiency and output.
With the IoT, a machine learning techniques can be implemented in the renewable energy sector. This will benefit the renewable energy sector and provide a better output!

Control and Optimization

A forecasting is really a very important aspect of big data analytics forecasting challenges can be overcome.
The data coming from different sources is used to make the system more efficient and productive, it also helps for better outputs.

These Big data and analytics add a great power to the renewable generation in the global market. The physical consideration of site is also very important, by using data collected from sensors proper plant setup can be designed.

Forecasting Module.

A different data collected from sensors, a physical data from site, satellites and weather forecasting stations is analysed and forecasting is done. With this data stream mining solutions we are now able to forecast energy productions.


Data analytics guarantee the better scalability, it plays a key role in the real market scenario. With the current tools and data analytics, renewable energy can be proved as a profitable business and it will help the renewable energy industry to get investments and grow. It promises to maximise profits and lower the losses.

With big data and Analytics, the renewable energy industry is experiencing revolutionising effects.